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HX + SDL (Wolf4SDL) (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 13.12.2009, 23:58

> > Both SDL.DLL and SDL_MIXER.DLL (which I renamed / hacked to SDL_MIX.DLL,
> > not sure if totally necessary) are inside the WOLF4SDL archive.
> Just use any kind of DOS LFN tsr utils before loading HX in cases when
> desired program need some files with LFN.

I haven't tested, but I'm not sure even that is necessary. Seems normal DOS API truncates to SFNs anyways when trying to open files, so it should probably work anyways even without DOSLFN. (e.g. DJGPP Make will accept "gnumakef" in lieu of "GNUmakefile"). However, DOSBox itself doesn't truncate correctly (although it's way too slow to be usable here, so it's moot), hence why I originally modified it.

> > However, you must "set SDL_AUDIODRIVER=dummy" since both
> "dsound"
> > (default) and "waveout" don't work (or at least only work on
> SB-compatibles,
> > e.g. not on my P4's EMU10k1) and hence won't let the game even start.
> Wrong. SBlive!/Audigy in SB emulation works in HX just flawlessly, even
> better than native AWE64 Gold! I use HX+DOSBox in pure DOS often and
> prefer SBLive!'s SB emulation in comparison with real ISA SB soundcard.
> Tested HX + SBLive! + Wolf4SDL - both digital & fm sources works just
> great in game.

I only tested once on my old AWE64 machine, but I don't think I tested with sound enabled. The main problem (bug?) is that it won't even play the game if sound isn't available. Also, for some reason, it crashes upon exit, so if you type "wolf4sdl --help", you'll get a help screen but have to reboot (ugh). No comments from Japheth, so I dunno what to say. Luckily, most people have fast machines so it's only a two-minute reboot. ;-)

BTW, I really really need to test Wolf4GW native, and since that supports PC speaker and SB/Adlib, it's probably better for non-SB computers. (Bonus: UPX'd and using D3X, it's even smaller than MSVCRT paq8f'd, so I can easily fit it on the same floppy! And no proprietary crap needed! But the whole point of this HX exercise was just to test things, heh.)

P.S. DOS386, I tested my touchpad mouse yesterday (CuteMouse 2.1b4) on this laptop, works fine in Wolf4SDL (I guess ... can't really move forward, only rotate around, right button is strafe, left is shoot). I forget the details now, but a year or so ago there was some app that using a mouse (CuteMouse) was crashing for me in FreeDOS here. Also OctaOS didn't detect my mouse correctly, so that was annoying. It's most likely the BIOS' PS/2 emulation bug or whatever, but at least here it works fine.


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