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Wolf4GW + FreeDOS + PC Speaker + CuteMouse (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 14.12.2009, 01:45

> BTW, I really really need to test Wolf4GW native, and since that supports
> PC speaker and SB/Adlib, it's probably better for non-SB computers.
> (Bonus: UPX'd and using D3X, it's even smaller than MSVCRT paq8f'd, so I
> can easily fit it on the same floppy! And no proprietary crap needed! But
> the whole point of this HX exercise was just to test things, heh.)

Wolf4GW works fine, PC speaker works fine. The third-party WOLFSPK4.EXE tool is closed source, but luckily all it does (!) is change one byte in the CONFIG.WL1 file : offset 0x1D2 \0 -> \1. And that enables the undocumented PC speaker / WAV combo, which is better than plain PC speaker (enemy voice sound effects!) but pretty damn loud, esp. doors opening/closing (esp. on my laptop where PC speaker is emulated via normal speakers, ignoring headphones too). Actually, DOSBox isn't nearly as loud. Anyways, my guess is that either the loudness or some performance slowdown is why they didn't support this option officially in the config screen.

> P.S. DOS386, I tested my touchpad mouse yesterday (CuteMouse 2.1b4) on
> this laptop, works fine in Wolf4SDL (I guess ... can't really move
> forward, only rotate around, right button is strafe, left is shoot). I
> forget the details now, but a year or so ago there was some app that using
> a mouse (CuteMouse) was crashing for me in FreeDOS here. Also OctaOS didn't
> detect my mouse correctly, so that was annoying. It's most likely the BIOS'
> PS/2 emulation bug or whatever, but at least here it works fine.

Mouse does move forward/backwards in DOSBox, so it's something on my end. BTW, Wolf4GW (using D3X) just hangs if I enable CuteMouse in pure FreeDOS. I should try with a few other extenders to see if D3X is the cause or not. But I also heavily suspect my buggy BIOS (argh).


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