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WolfXmas (Wolf4GW + Wolf4SDL) (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 15.12.2009, 01:31
(edited by Rugxulo on 15.12.2009, 02:03)

image file : WOLFXMAS.IMG  no label
KERNEL.SYS                  45161  08.01.109  04:18p
COMMAND.COM                 66932  08.29.106  01:38a
XMGR.SYS                     4006  11.27.109  09:00a
CONFIG.SYS                    299  12.11.109  09:16p
AUTOEXEC.BAT                 1740  12.14.109  04:33p
MSVCRT.TXT                    590  12.14.109  07:35a
CTMOUSE.EXE                  5089  12.03.107  05:08a
RDISK.COM                    1536  11.27.109  09:00a
FINDDISK.COM                  512  09.25.109  08:19a
SBMIX.EXE                    4234  02.09.105  00:00a
7ZDEC.EXE                   46884  09.22.109  00:39a
HXGUI.P8F                   25338  12.14.109  07:22a
HXRT.7Z                    116035  12.14.109  07:40a
PAQ8F.EXE                   56320  12.14.109  07:24a
WOLF4SDL.P8F               533465  12.14.109  07:10a
WOLFXMAS.P8F               406327  12.14.109  07:31a
WOLF4GW.EXE                111783  12.13.109  05:31p
1426251 bytes in 17 files, 28160 bytes free

Basically, I split up the .p8f files (for faster unpacking, e.g. only 19 mins. now for unpacking Wolf4GW on my P166, heh), esp. if MSVCRT.DLL isn't found, hence it defaults to Wolf4GW (but delete that .EXE and put MSVCRT.P8F and it will automatically use Wolf4SDL instead). Also, for optimum compatibility (Win32 / Win64), I made paq8f a Win32 PE .EXE and just use DOS 7zdec (on DOS only) to unpack HXRT to use it later. (DJGPP-compiled paq8f won't work on Win64.) Also, for safety, sound is disabled on Wolf4SDL, but if you're sure it will work for you, feel free to change SDL_AUDIODRIVER before trying it else try CONFIG.PC2 (loud!!).

P.S. Now German friendly! No illegal images! Merry Christmas! :-D

Now, does anybody actually want it??? (Doubtful.)

EDIT: Well, it's only 10 downloads allowed, but heck, I don't know of a better place! :-/

Your file has been saved and can now be downloaded 10 times. It will be deleted after 90 days without download.

1. Download Link: Click here to download file
MD5: A7DCEEE3715F77EC0007D20F6B82E49F

2. Download Link:
MD5: FC65350193C117D7E88E22598286310F

The source archive (10 MB) is a bunch of .ZIP and .tar.bz2 files, so I assume DJGPP 2.04's DJTAR would be the best for people on SFNs (or LFNs, even) as it lets you rename if necessary.


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