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the DOS code segment hunt, results/questions (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 16.12.2009, 09:22

> > > You're correct; in case the code isn't moved to the HMA the interrupt
> > > vectors just point into DOS directly.
> >
> > *Not* sure this is completely correct. I think the interrupt will pass
> > through the hooks in the data seg whenever HIMEM.SYS is loaded even if
> I just set DOS=LOW in my CONFIG.SYS for MS-DOS 7.10, and it didn't go
> through the stubs even though an XMM is loaded.

Correct ! The odd case I had in mind was the converse : DOS=HIGH but NO XMSMGR.
Then DOS sets up and uses the hooks in DOSDATA to jump to DOSCODe even though the latter is not in HMA.

Whatever... As far as finding DOS CS, I am sticking with my method - and could later adopt Geoff's int 2F callback as a complement or replacement if needed. The devious use of "devload" to try and break fixwrap doesn't bother me, but I could detect such attempts by looking up the (grand)parent PSP (been there done that).

I shall now go on with the main coding task. Also real life occupations, with XMas approaching ! Expect less messages from me for awhile, I'll still peek at the board.




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