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the algorithm, sketched for review. Nitpicks ? (Miscellaneous)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 17.12.2009, 20:32

> Disagree. 01 signifies DOS cannot accept SHARE installation at this
> moment. In no way does it prevent us from setting up FIXWRAP. To us 01
> just means SHARE is not installed.

But who returns 01h there? "No one" you say? That's right! So if someone hooked Int2F only to return 01h then something is fishy.

> Nor do I expect it to ever be
> installed, again, we're a driver initialising itself. Share is a regular
> program. At the very soonest your mad tester would load share using
> WRAPPER (not sure it will work, just hypothesing), and as you know that
> must come after FIXWRAP !

As mentioned there's no official FAT32 SHARE.EXE. Replacements might allow (permanent) installation as driver.

> This is exactly how it is coded, Christian :-)

Just have to make sure. Can't possibly let someone be wrong on our internet ;-)

> How's that annoying exactly ? Are you annoyed at every line of scrolling
> boot-up time messages?

Yes. One line per executable is acceptable.

> Assuming they are not hidden behind the Windows logo screen, that is.

I switch it off so that the messages can annoy me.

> What's annoying in my book is if a program doesn't give a clue of
> what it's doing and what maybe going wrong.

True. Therefore, error conditions might display longer reports. Some fact like that the code/data is already patched should fit into the single line.

> The final will have less messages, and may sport
> a /Quiet switch even.

Indeed. Such a switch should be necessary for drivers. I once patched away the startup message of the MORESYS driver because it annoyed me to no end. (Didn't have the source available right then.)



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