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the algorithm, sketched for review. Nitpicks ? (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 17.12.2009, 23:16
(edited by Ninho on 17.12.2009, 23:29)

> These pointers were meant to be hooked by SHARE.EXE, and I'm certain were
> only called by DOS, not changed.

The pointers were almost certainly updated when SHARE installed itself - on earlier versions of DOS. Not any more on DOS 7 it appears they aren't ever changed. So, where is the problem ? I've had enough of this ! As you know from the other subthread, Geoff suggested another sure fire way to find DOS CS, for use in the improbable case you come up with a REAL example defeating this simple method. I've programmed and tested Geoff's method, it's OK. The main reason I do not adopt his method immediately is the principle of simplicity, why call a disk function - why call any DOS function in fact - unnecessarily ?

As for the fake "int 30" call, it looks complicated and very flaky imho, but you haven't detailed what you had in mind. Please submit a detailed algorithm using the pointer at 0:C1h if you want to support your idea, otherwise we don't know where you are aiming. It's not enough to know that the call eventually leads to the DOS CS, is it? - you have to trace it through. Show me your algorithm starting from the contents of DWord[0:C1] to find DOS CS... I suggest you use a high level description for everybody to follow easily, else ASM or other programming language is OK. Be sure your algorithm works for every combination of DOS=HIGH/LOW with and without XMS. Pending that I won't hear any more about CPM compatibility calls and/or share hooks ;=)



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