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posted by DOS386(R), 18.12.2009, 01:46

> D3X is mostly good because it's easy to rebuild and supports both DJGPP
> and OpenWatcom. Too bad it's not "free" enough for DJ himself to mirror.

The obsession by "standards" ... in this case CWSDPMI - neither needed nor able to run inside NTVDM, heh :clap:

> It does act like PS/2, but IIRC it just hangs / crashes or similar. I'd have to try
> Nope, neither worked on this laptop. So it must be the BIOS, I assume

CTMOUSE 2.04 shouldn't use the BIOS, so BIOS should have no chance to break anything, if this "mouse" is PS/2 at all :-|

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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