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digression : MSDOS 7 and SHARE.EXE revisited (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 18.12.2009, 13:04

>> Both MS share.exe and a third party. They DO NOT touch the hooks at
>> DOS:90h, which is the right thing for them to do BTW. The SHARE.EXE
>> programs hook interrupts 20h, 21h, 2fh.

Apology: the above applied only to the 3rd party SHARE, from ROMDOS iirc.

> Hu? Well MS-DOS 6 SHARE.EXE did hook there and at Int2F only.

Correct, and it (Share.exe from DOS 6.2, version control hacked) does insert itself into the vectors starting at offset 90h inside of the DOS 7.0 data segment.

>> which was a bizarre thing for Fixwrap to do in the first place

I give up : I'll be using Geoff Chappell's method to find the DOS CS, even if it makes DOS flush disk buffers for no apparent reason :-|

> Yes because you should use the pointer at 0:C1 instead of the SHARE.EXE
> hooks ;-)

I'm still waiting for you to show how you do this in practice :-P



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