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digression : MSDOS 7 and SHARE.EXE revisited (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 18.12.2009, 18:55
(edited by Ninho on 18.12.2009, 19:59)

> C. If you stuff FF FF FF FF at DATA:90 (or whichever SHARE hook you intend
> to use) your method won't work either. The difference being that SHARE
> actually changes your pointer legitimately (although not to

I won't argue any more which of your method or mine is stronger or weaker. We have seen neither was bullet proof, right ? So I bit it (the bullet), and am using the method outlined by Geoff instead.

! Forgot to answer that question in your earlier msg :

> I don't know whether the stub looks the same in MS-DOS 8, you have to look
> into this if you want to adapt this method.

I already explained, MSDOS 8 is a different beast, CS is fixed, there are NO stubs in DOS data and no need, either.

The digression/distraction is closed. I'm coding ATM, little time left before the usual XMas related occupations will assail us one more time...




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