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IBM PC DOS, free downloads (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 25.07.2007, 00:45

> If anyone is looking for another test bed...
> IBM PC DOS 7 (1994) - Installation diskettes + loading util + docfile.
> ~9MB total

Okay, this probably can't be legal. Here's why: has other stuff (MS-DOS: "/msdos/DOS6.22.iso", WIN98SE: "/msdos/Win98SE.iso", DR-DOS: "drdos/DR-DOS.703/dr703.exe"), which you know is not free. In fact, the whole /dos/ section of that site is very very outdated (DJGPP 2.02, NANSI 0.34, Arachne 1.66, 4DOS 7.01, Info-Zip's Zip 2.2 and Unzip 5.40, FreeDOS beta 6 ... sheesh!!). And most of the links on the front www page didn't work. I don't think IBM maintains that site (else they suck).

However, IBM no longer, AFAIK, has a link anywhere trying to sell PC-DOS (though offers the "complete"(?) PC DOS 2000, and has upgrades, at least). In fact, I do know of another place where PC-DOS can be (supposedly) downloaded, but I haven't really investigated the licensing (which always hampers everything, sadly).

> (quoting READTHIS.TXT from Lucho's triple-boot DOS floppy)
> PC-DOS 7.1 is present in the IBM ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit
> (MIGR-53564) which can freely be downloaded, starting at

Lucho does not share my preferences, and since I was going to do so anyways, I started my own floppy distro (using FreeDOS, the only really "free" GPL'd DOS). And with Eric Auer's massive help (hey, that guy personifies FreeDOS every bit as much as Jim Hall), I even made it fairly decent / useful, IMO (and now completely open source first two disks, #3 w/ closed src junk isn't quite finished yet).

(BTW, bandwidth restrictions at Geocities stink; I need to migrate to Google Pages. If it whines, just try again at the top of the hour.)

Face it, I like all DOSes as much as the next guy (although I haven't tried 'em all), but I don't really need PC-DOS. It'd be nice to test it for compatibility, but then again, you can't fix their bugs, only your own. FreeDOS handles FAT32 just as well as PC-DOS supposedly does and is still developed. If you want Rexx, there's always Regina Rexx or Brexx.

Besides, here are all the "no cost" DOSes I know of: RxDOS (wimpy but free w/ src), Datalight ROM DOS (free for private use), or FreeDOS (GPL, probably your best bet).

DR-DOS 7.03 is $35 (which I bought), PTS-DOS is shareware (never tried), and I'm pretty sure LZ-DOS is just an unofficial, ripped, compressed MS-DOS 7.x kernel. As far as OpenDOS is concerned, I think they must've (... potential libel deleted by author ...) because that never made any sense, at least in what it turned out to be, why they did it in the first place, and why they kept becoming different companies that seemed to do nothing useful. I never understood the licensing (does anyone??), so I don't worry with it.

Know your limits.h


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