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FIXWRAP.SYS beta - released - please try it ! (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 23.12.2009, 00:11
(edited by Ninho on 23.12.2009, 19:06)

There it is -> (download page) FIXWRap 0.5 Beta ... Alternate download
has been uploaded for your testing pleasure ;-)
Check: FIXWRAP.SYS 1650 bytes, MD5 = B3D3A17B7AE53D36ABD1A72F75465735

I've made every effort and then some, to ensure this version is fully functional and correct, however you'll be reminded Beta software is intended for testing only and take all the usual precautions before running it.

Quick Instructions for running and testing FIXWrap 0.5 Beta :

The driver is invoked in CONFIG.SYS on (at least) 2 lines :

------------------ CONFIG.SYS ---------------------------
DEVICE=FIXWRAP.SYS ON ; this first establishes the fix
(insert all your other DEVICE lines here, at least the ones for WRAPPER.SYS)
DEVICE=FIXWRAP.SYS OFF ; this last switches the fix off
The simplest in regular use will be to have the FIXWRAP ON/OFF as the first/last line of CONFIG.SYS altogether. Remember to add the correct DOS path to the FIXWrap file !
However there can be more lines, several ON and several OFF, and you're invited to test that too. Remember FIXWrap /should/ be in the ON state while any TSR is loaded using Phil Gardner's WRAPPER.SYS ! (Of course you may try a transgression, IF you're adventurous)

Notes for useful testing :

I've removed (per CM's request) most debug-type messages. There remain 2 which it is important to know id they ever occur : please report if you see one or both of these :

* DBG: Deep scan needed!, please REPORT DOS version, details...
Explanation : This message is a FYI, not an error, FIXWrap will still work as designed / unless you receive the next one, too . I still would like to receive details if it says it had to "Deep Scan", which should be rarely if ever.

* DBG: Deep Scan did not find Magic :=("
The last message above is indicative of a problem, and I urge you to communicate should you encounter it (while I believe it can't happen!).

I'll explain in another more technical post, what these diagnostics mean and how the algorithm would be tuned if the second message above did appear...

Always provide MS-DOS version & revision + full details of the file IO.SYS (date, size, language; is it still the original, or a later MS fix - Windows Update or QFE...)

Please don't attach the IO.SYS to your report until I ask for it !!!



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