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FIXWRAP - more notes for testers / hackers... (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 23.12.2009, 13:26

Note 1 If you don't want to download WRAPPER.SYS (shareware, no time limit trial), you may still help testing FIXWrap by itself, I need results from as many DOS 7/8 variants - Windows 95/98/ME - as possible. (TIA)

Note 2 For those using Wrapper.sys - I suggested keyboard and mouse TSRs for checking whether FIXWRAP indeed fixes the MSDOS bug.

You should however be aware that there is an incompatibility between WRAPPER on the one hand, Microsoft's KEYB and some of their MOUSE TSRs as well, OTOH :-D

These Microsoft software are (again!) "peculiar" and silently fail the loading under WRAPPER.SYS. This problem has existed before and in no way is related to FIXWRAP and or DOS 7+.

So you'll have to use third party KEYBOARD and/or MOUSE control programs, probably better than MS's anyway... (Amusingly, really old keyboard drivers, from MS DOS 3 times, will work with wrapper! This, an old KEYBFR.COM from DOS 3.2, is what I've never ceased to use over the years anyway. Much less bloated than newer ones, does NOT require a "keyboard.sys" hence light on any boot disquette, and still compatible w/ Windows from 1.0 to ME)

Note 3 For the real Geek! If you want to peek at Fixwrap operation from within, run it in the debugging version of Bochs - I've included a few "magic breakpoints" ;-)



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