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FIXWRAP.SYS 0.7 -release candidate- (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 02.01.2010, 16:20
(edited by Ninho on 02.01.2010, 17:16)

So, with this release candidate, Fixwrap is done :-) except for the documenting and packaging. Leaving you (and me) a last chance for nailing any remaining bugs. Please do and have (savvy) friends test it, and report any problems or inconsistencies you might find. TIA !

FixWrap 0.7 - download page ... else : direct download, alternate server

Check: FIXWRAP.SYS 1,199 bytes, MD5 = 9458998A2EDBCAB9DE7CAF23C929EC05
Quick Usage Reminder:

DEVICE=(path-to)\FIXWRAP.SYS ON ; plus any comments
rem all your DEVICEs here ...
rem including DEVICE=WRAPPER.SYS... [launch TSRs]
DEVICE=(path-to)\FIXWRAP.SYS OFF ; after other devices

Testers are reminded of the disclaimer appearing on the parent message



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