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OWB in DOS (Announce)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 09.01.2010, 11:03
(edited by Japheth on 09.01.2010, 11:42)


Roberto made me aware of OWB. This is a GUI Webbrowser using SDL and Apple's Webkit ( search for +OWB +SDL in Google for more details ).

With a few extensions it works to some extend in DOS with HX v2.17.

Here's my email to Roberto:

I'm now able to run the browser. It's not that stable, but runs ok for "playing purposes" so far. I uploaded HXRT/GUI v2.17 on my site which did work for me.

What's needed in detail:

- packet driver
- Mouse driver
- HX v2.17
- WLDAP32.DLL from Windows XP
- MS VC 2005 runtimes ( MSVCR80.DLL, MSVCP80.DLL )
- your package ( )

You start it with: DPMILD32 -g OWB.EXE >xxx

[ the ">xxx" is important to prevent the console displays from appearing on the screen ].

What's still bad:

- resolution is 800x600 fix. Can you ask the OWB developer to change this to 1024x768?
- no possibility to enter an URL. How's this supposed to work?

Please note that the software is alpha - that means, no need to report "bugs" or crashes.

Here's a screenshot made in DOS:


MS-DOS forever!


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