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6 more bugs | PETITE | DGDI32.DLL | docs sugx (DOSX)

posted by DOS386(R), 17.03.2010, 06:02
(edited by DOS386 on 17.03.2010, 06:20)


Someone IIRC wrote recently (sorry no time to search for the post just now):

> we deprecate UPX

Then you probably don't know PETITE :clap:

But I found 7 more "strange items maybe worth reporting" in HX:

20. [Critical BUG] PETITE packer (self-packed) and executables packed with it don't work in HX, hard freezer (memory corruption at address ZERO ???), fine in ME and XP.

21. [BUG] Strange complaints from DPMILD32 (maybe already reported a few 1'000 times):

> * pe_map.c, dumps a PE file
> * made with Watcom C32 version 11.0b on NT 4.0
> * (f) by B. Luevelsmeyer 1997, 1998, 1999

COOL ^^^ :-)

> C:\HHH>pemap
> this is a Windows NT character-mode executable

Good ^^^ :-)

> C:\HHH>dpmild32 pemap

> DPMI loader version 3.8.0
> Copyright (C) 1993-2009 Japheth

> dpmild32: import not found: VerLanguageNameA
> dpmild32: file KERNEL32.dll
> dpmild32: g:\hxdos\dgdi32.dll: cannot resolve imports

There is a missing junk import "VerLanguageNameA" in DKRNL32.DLL, but the really bad thing is that DPMILD32 complains about "dgdi32.dll" that is NOT INVOLVED at all. The report probably should be (just 1 line):

> DPMILD32: Import not found: "PEMAP.EXE" needs "VerLanguageNameA" in "KERNEL32.DLL"

22. [BUG] SB16.DLL should be loaded conditionally (flaw, already reported before), but it additionally has a BUG causing "funny" crashes with "some" sound cards. Got a "somewhat SB compatible" ISA card (no crappy SB-EMU), the sound is bad (this might be "unavoidable" because of the crappy SB "design" ???), but additionally PLAYWAVE.EXE crashes (low memory corruption ???) at exit. No problems in ME on very same PC. There were IIRC also plans to add PCI sound card support ...

23. [BUG / incompatibility / crappy design] Function "GetFileAttributes" is inconsistent with Windaube (XP is "mostly" consistent with ME, but still "strange" ... who the **** is the parent of the main directory, BTW ???) see TESTATTR.ZIP, HX could catch some "potentially unsafe" strings like ".." ;-)

24. [Flaw / incompatibility / missing feature ???] HX GUI displays garbage if a SDL app tries to brew a box bigger than the screen size. Im ME and XP it "works" (although far away from great ...). One possible solution would be to "center" the too big box "behind" the screen and discard what is outside.

25. DGDI32.DLL is bugged. For example the "17 Byte's demo" is fine in ME and XP, but doesn't work with HX : crashes in DGDI32.DLL. Depending of screen bitdepth, it crashes at various addresses, but always in the BigBlt function and REP MOVSD instruction - apparently at least one of ECX, ESI and EDI supplied in invalid :crying: If I comment out the call to this BigBlt then it "works" (no screen output at all :clap:) but exposes 3 more BUG's:
- Double crash in DKRNL32.DLL at exit
- MessageBoxA previously displayed not removed (not available in the version supplied now :-( )
- No margin of the "Window" is visible

BTW, I have a new highly superior version of this application, and I'm going to release it, with full source code, of course, but not before I can be sure that it also works with HX, of course. I'm sure you will love it :-) , for multiple reasons, among others, my version is impossible to pack with UPX :clap:

26. [docs suggestion] BTWW, in HXSRC (from 2009-06) I can see some "notes" on BigBlt and StretchBlt, in the source code and separate text files, but apprently the implementation of both is incomplete and it's also incompletely documented how far they are incomplete :-(

Instead of:

Function        Dummy
--------        -----

StretchBlt      Y
IsUserAdmin     Y
DoSomething     Y
DoMoreEx        Y

while the presence of "Y" in the right column is rather random, the docs could reveal more useful info:

Function        Limitations
--------        -----------

StretchBlt      no ZOOM, fails if (dest size) <> (source size)
BrewProcess     processes don't run at same time
IsUserAdmin     dummy, returns always true
DoSomething     dummy, does nothing and reports success
DoMoreEx        dummy, always fails

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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