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RJDOS v0.01c tiny DOS shell - latest news (Announce)

posted by Arjay(R), 06.05.2010, 02:19

Just a quick update:

> At the same time I want to continue to keep the shell small enough to be
> burnable into silicon.
A few days ago I successfully burned a newer internal beta version of RJDOS to silicon using a customized version of Rayer's ROMOS. Rayer, fyi I used an Intel card which required a PCI header as well as the usual VendorID changes. I also changed some of your code to customize how the bootup for my own liking, as well as obviously building my own images etc. I will email you the process for burning ROMOS onto Intel cards and may also provide a few ROMOS code patches.

> Indeed a serious reduction in size is on the long term cards for the
> project and it will always remain less than 64k in size.
I have now decided to make size an earlier priority goal for the project, mainly because I'm more interested in the embedded side of things myself.
My plan always was to allow RJDOS to be run with or without another DOS, so I may also concentrate on adding that functionality in early than I planned, particularly as size reductions/file structure changes are closely related...

> Note: At the moment I'm running version v0.01c which may become v0.01d
> soon.
A few delays due to life. I may just release an interim release soon just to provide a better "stop gap" replacement of the version Rayer/ROMOS links to which was always a quick cludge. There again so was the original DOS.....


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