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IBM PC DOS, free downloads (Announce)

posted by Steve(R) Homepage E-mail, US, 25.07.2007, 13:50

> > If anyone is looking for another test bed...
> >
> > IBM PC DOS 7 (1994) - Installation diskettes + loading util + docfile.
> > ~9MB total
> Okay, this probably can't be legal. Here's why:
> has other stuff [snipped] I don't think IBM
> maintains that site (else they suck).

os2ports is not an IBM site.

> However, IBM no longer, AFAIK, has a link anywhere trying to sell PC-DOS

IBM officially stopped selling it last year. All marketing pages have been killed.


Does Lucho have it up anywhere else? Unfortunately Johnson is a pirate: He has posted his own clearly illegal "MS-DOS 7" boot disk, and Lucho is not served well by the association.

> (BTW, bandwidth restrictions at Geocities stink; I need to migrate to
> Google Pages. If it whines, just try again at the top of the hour.)

Try Yahoo/Geocities sites outside the US. My (not systematically tested) impression is that the bandwidth situation is better. Plus they have free ftp upload - very convenient.

> FreeDOS handles FAT32 just as well as PC-DOS supposedly does

PC-DOS remains 16-bit - the v7 was a trick number for what should have been 6.4 or 6.5.

> DR-DOS 7.03 is $35 (which I bought)

From the pirates at DRDOS, Inc. / Devicelogics? They had to withdraw "DR DOS 8.0" because they used FreeDOS code in violation of its license conditions. (Jim Hall posted the story at the FreeOS site).

> As far as OpenDOS is concerned [snipped] I never understood the licensing (does anyone??)

The licensing is complicated, but as AFAIK DR-DOS/OpenDOS 7.01, 7.02 and 7.03 (pre-Devicelogics) are still free, cerainly for private use. Source is free for OpenDOS 7.02. DRDOS, Inc. can't change licensing for an ancestor of its product that it never owned. If they could, Udo Kuhnt would be in a lot of trouble.


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