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UIDE and AHCI support (Miscellaneous)

posted by Jack(R) E-mail, Fresno, California USA, 26.05.2010, 19:36

> Jack,
> what is the possibility for, or status on adding AHCI support to the UIDE
> driver? Is it technically feasible? I enable AHCI on all machines I
> reimage, and often run DOS diagnostics on the same machines. AHCI
> support would of course mean that I don't need to switch controller modes
> for DOS/UIDE and then remember to switch back again for Windows.

Of course I could add AHCI to UIDE -- if I wanted to buy a new system, with
an AHCI mainboard. But in fact I do NOT! NOBODY yet has noted that AHCI
gains ANYTHING in speed/performance and likely IT NEVER WILL, as that would
require something called a "driver" to be written by "Gates & Co."!! Does
the expression "Good LUCK, Sucker!!" mean anything to you??!!

AHCI's "selling point" is being able to "chain" disk commands and demand no
software handling in-between disk transfers. That is for an "asynchronous
I-O" system like Windows/Unix, NOT for DOS which does one at a time I-O and
CANNOT indicate which of MULTIPLE transfers are COMPLETED, on an interrupt!
So, DOS cannot use "actual" AHCI, and I see NO reason to write 500 bytes of
AHCI run-time logic, plus up to 1000 more of AHCI initialization, into UIDE
only to avoid "switching modes" on DOS/Windows systems. A rather POOR use
of my time!

I suggest you simply keep your DOS/Windows systems in "compatibility" or in
"legacy IDE" mode, whatever the BIOS guys call it "today"! And I will bet
you lose LITTLE speed/performance, not before "Gates & Co." at-LAST "figger
out" a disk driver WORTH enabling AHCI!! To my knowledge, they still have
NO decent disk driver for SATA/IDE -- Lucho noted to me in 2008, re: UIDE's
performance v.s. Windows "You beat THEM, three MONTHS ago!!" -- and I would
NOT "hold your breath!!" for a decent Windows AHCI driver, either!!

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