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UIDE and AHCI support (Miscellaneous)

posted by Jack(R) E-mail, Fresno, California USA, 27.05.2010, 17:10

> Jack,
> there are web pages that have data that is favourable to AHCI in
> comparison to IDE mode ...

I looked at those webpages, and they confirm to me that AHCI "wins" only
when it can "chain" (or "queue") a string of AHCI I-O requests. Like I
have noted, such schemes CANNOT work with DOS, which does not permit any
I-O scheme except "ONE at a time"!

> However, regardless of arguments for or against any performance
> improvements for AHCI over IDE, what interests me more than this is
> getting DOS/UIDE to run on existing systems where Windows is preinstalled
> and AHCI mode is active, without first having to disable AHCI mode
> manually and having to renable it before rebooting into Windows ...
> So simply put i would appreciate if via UIDE or some other mechanism the
> following functionality be available for DOS systems.
> * Boot DOS
> * Save AHCI mode status to environment
> * Load UIDE and other drivers
> During reboot...
> * If AHCI==On AHCI /enable
> * Reboot

I would rather NOT "play games" with BIOS settings. If a power-failure
occurs, or if the user presses the system-RESET button (on those systems
that still HAVE one!), the system may or may-NOT revert back to enabling
AHCI. BIOS code is not "C" and thus is regarded by Taiwanese mainboard
vendors as work fit only for "trainees", which is why many BIOS programs
"SUCK, BIG-Time!", as we say.

What you ask for ALSO entails "trapping" a system reboot, which is NOT a
universally-supported nor "guaranteed" function. If the DOS system has
suffered an actual POWER-failure and has TOO MUCH such work to do during
a reboot, it may or may-NOT end up DEADDD (no power LEFT!) before it can
GET to such AHCI re-enabling logic. I don't recommend "Uninterruptable
Power Supplies" (UPS boxes) either, as I've owned several in prior years
and know most ARE NOT "uninterruptible" beyond one good "lightning bolt"
or one good housewife turning on a washing-machine (can cause up to 600-
volt "spikes" on home wiring!).

Whether due to power-failure or a reset, users could be ANGRY with me or
UIDE for having played such "games", and as I do not like angry E-Mails,
UIDE shall NEVER "mess with" AHCI nor any other BIOS settings!!

(Account disabled on user's request.)


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