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UIDE and AHCI support (Miscellaneous)

posted by Jack(R) E-mail, Fresno, California USA, 27.05.2010, 21:34

> I see your point of view. Ok then, so what about a separate executable
> that the user can call from command line or scripts and "use at his own
> risk"? ...

I have no-problem with this approach, and in fact, I believe it to be the
BEST approach for DOS. It avoids any need to update existing programs!

Such an executable must also be capable of being used while CONFIG.SYS is
being run. This is required so UIDE or other .SYS drivers will find the
desired AHCI settings present, when they load. My "RDISK.COM" driver is
one example of how to do this.

(Account disabled on user's request.)


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