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UIDE and AHCI support (Miscellaneous)

posted by DOSferatu(R), minneapolis, mn usa, 01.06.2010, 16:05

You could probably do something like this with a CMOS settings poker program. I suspect such a program exists already to do similar tasks.

1) go into setup, enable AHCI, boot to DOS, save the contents of CMOS
2) " " disable AHCI " " "
3) compare the results and attempt to isolate the single bit in CMOS that tells the system BIOS if AHCI is enabled or disabled.

Then your enable/disable program would just set or clear that bit in CMOS, update the checksum, and then reboot the machine.

The reason to go this route is that it would be cleaner, without the need to hit any hardware directly, and I'd think that any time you reboot the machine, the BIOS is likely to just use whatever setting is in CMOS anyway, unless you're doing a soft INT 19 type boot.


That said, I've done a lot of AHCI work and have written DOS based tools to do stuff in AHCI. I would certainly be willing to consult with anyone who wanted to tackle this, but as been mentioned, the fact that you're behind INT 13 means that you're not going to see any speed improvements. It would be purely academic and only for the cool factor.


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