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Digital Research's GEM (Graphical Environment Manager) (Users)

posted by Arjay(R), 19.06.2010, 20:21
(edited by Arjay on 19.06.2010, 20:51)

Whilst attempting to locate the GEM .SYS driver file format. The Wikipedia article on GEM reminded me that GEM was released as GPL in 1999, leading to OpenGEM and FreeGEM. Since I noted no past references to GEM for DOS or links that I can see on the BTTR forum/site I thought I would include a few here for anyone interested. GEM was fairly common here in the UK not just because of the Atari ST but because of the Amstrad 1512+1640.

Apart from having to use a few ST's during the mid-90's the last time I used the DOS version was about 1991 I think. There are several DOS version one of which can be located via a this "fixed" Reocities archive link (note other links to the following Geocities site including Wikipedia's are now broken due to the closure of Geocities):

Apart from Wikipedia, these sites are good starting places:

Sourceforge link for OpenGEM:

This following GEM link is probably more interesting to many as it includes something called PS (an experiment with "Caldera OpenDOS" multitasking):

P.S For those of you interested (e.g. extending HX-Extender ;). Some GEM DOS system file format information (including GEM DOS EXE information) can be located here: If anyone does note or knows of any information on the GEM SYS (or DOS SYS) formats then please let me know as so far I'm hitting brick walls on finding good DOS SYS information online - unsurprisingly. GEM is being a real pain and short of going through loads of GEM source code.... e.g. Surprisingly even has no information on any "DOS" SYS file formats, the only SYS related file that is returned OBJ-LIB.TXT which doesn't even have the DOS SYS format. Likewise I couldn't spot SYS info on Ralph Brown's Interrupt list. Note: I have some references in book form but am seeking as many as possible. At this rate I may even dig out my IBM RED/Gray manuals ;)

[EDIT] Note: Analyzing some .SYS files has revealed that many are EXE files (see notes above). However the .SYS file format I am particularly interested in is the file format used by SYS files like GEMDOSFI.SYS as mentioned here which begin 60h, 1Ah, 00h, 00h - in otherwords NOT a DOS SYS and NOT a DOS EXE!


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