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Digital Research's GEM (Graphical Environment Manager) (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 19.06.2010, 21:54

> Whilst attempting to locate the GEM .SYS driver file format. The
> Wikipedia
> article on GEM reminded me that GEM was released as GPL in 1999,
> leading to OpenGEM and
> FreeGEM. Since I noted
> no past references to GEM for DOS or links that I can see on the BTTR
> forum/site I thought I would include a few here for anyone interested.

I think FreeGEM (for DOS) is truly, permanently dead. The only one still alive (or was) is OpenGem. Last I checked, Shane's site was down. Before that, I think he mentioned on the mailing list (two years ago??) that v6 was ready to go but didn't have time to release it. So I honestly have no idea.

> (note other links to the following Geocities site including Wikipedia's
> are now broken due to the closure of Geocities):

Don't you just love broken links? (Not!) Man, I've been finding TONS lately, and not only to Geocities. Wayback is nice but no perfect alternative. Some things really do get lost to the ages! Shame that people can't mirror more stuff or backup or maintain or whatever.

> Sourceforge link for OpenGEM:

Not sure how up-to-date that latest file is, but dang, 47 MB !!!!

> This following GEM link is probably more interesting to many as it includes
> something called PS (an experiment with "Caldera OpenDOS" multitasking):

Yup, it works great in DR-DOS 7.03 when multitasking is enabled (although I rarely enable it, honestly). I even rebuilt with TC++ 1.01 and JWasm a while back, and it still seemed to work. (Yes, it's a C++ wrapper around asm calls, ugh. He's basically using the TaskMax / DR-DOS 6 API since "it's easier" [have to agree, 7.x's APIs are very very confusing, I never did even begin to grok those!]) BTW, check out more from that Cowlark guy, he's pretty dang smart and has lots of cool stuff / links. (Just read his November review of Go language yesterday, quite interesting.)


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