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Digital Research's GEM (Graphical Environment Manager) (Users)

posted by Arjay(R), 20.06.2010, 00:02

> I think FreeGEM (for DOS) is truly, permanently dead. The only one still
> alive (or was) is OpenGem. Last I checked, Shane's site was down. Before
> that, I think he mentioned on the mailing list (two years ago??) that v6
> was ready to go but didn't have time to release it. So I honestly have no
> idea.
As you probably know Shane hasn't updated his blog since sometime in 2008. I did however note that he is regularly updating twitter where you can follow/reach him under @opendawn

> Don't you just love broken links? (Not!)

> Man, I've been finding TONS lately,
What I find even more annoyingly is the continued decrease in low level technical information which at the same time is being drowned by an increase in white noise.

> Some things really do get lost to the ages!
FYI, I do remember we have/were launching some UK web archiving projects. Can't remember what they are called off the top of my head but useful to know.

> Shame that people can't mirror more stuff or backup or maintain or whatever.
Well if you want to pay for a few T1 equiv pipes for me I'll be happy to ;)

> Not sure how up-to-date that latest file is, but dang, 47 MB !!!!
Sounds like you need a few yourself first though ;)

> > something called PS (an experiment with "Caldera OpenDOS" multitasking):
> Yup, it works great in DR-DOS 7.03 when multitasking is enabled
Useful to know. DESQview worked well.

> a while back, and it still seemed to work. (Yes, it's a C++ wrapper around
> asm calls, ugh.
heh. don't ask but I did wrap some asm into C into Pascal the other night....

> BTW, check out more from that Cowlark guy, he's pretty dang smart
> and has lots of cool stuff / links.
> November review of Go language yesterday, quite interesting.)
Ok will do. From that description it sounds like he is another Fabrice Bellard ! :)


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