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PMODE/DJ extender (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 27.09.2007, 01:05

> > Did you read
> > pmodedj.txt? It's
> > not "better", but different. ;-)
> I read it. But that's not the same as knowing how well it really measures
> up to specifications, is stable across OSes, etc.

It's seems fair, at least, but I haven't tested it too much, honestly. It's supposedly "smaller and faster but no paging, no virtual memory, and worse debugging support (??)", etc. Jukemp3 uses its stub version (but I can't think of too many other apps that do). Usually, you'll just want to leave out any DPMI provider since most people have CWSDPMI, Windows, DOSEMU, etc. these days. But it's a nice alternative to have.

Still, in order to "not be redundant", I have put it on my FreeDOS disk #2 and kept CWSDPMI on disk #1 (although the older online version only has STUBIT from WDOSX, which wastes more space and is harder to use than PMODETSR and CWSTUB).

Know your limits.h


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