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DEVLOAD - Jim Kyle (Undocumented DOS) is available with src (Users)

posted by Arjay(R), 22.06.2010, 09:19
(edited by Arjay on 22.06.2010, 09:37)

> BTW, I believe Jim Kyle wrote a DEVLOAD tool that was pretty much included
> verbatim in _Undocumented DOS_. I think this is the one that DR-DOS
> ships with.
You are certainly right re "Undocumented DOS" (not sure re DR-DOS itself). It would appear both will be earlier versions. As Andrew's Schulman's DOS books appear to have stopped at DR-DOS 6/MS-DOS 5. (Latest version from Jim is Sept 1997).

Fortunately after a little investigation I discovered Jim has very kindly made the Turbo C or BC++ source and assembler files for his DEVLOAD freely available via his site which also contains lots of other interesting stuff.

Concerning DEVLOAD, the files you will want are:

+ DEVLOD7.ZIP, (46,835 bytes) contains the latest version of DEVLOD from Undocumented DOS, 2nd Edition, updated to work with Windows 95's DOS version. It also contains extended discussion of a number of problems with the DEVLOD concept. Needs DVSUPORT.ZIP to compile.

+ DVSUPORT.ZIP, (8,708 bytes) provides UNDOCDOS.H and other support files required for compiling the DEVLOD program.

Jim Kyle's homepage + Jim Kyle's download page.

> (I don't have the book, so I can't say for sure.)
Me neither (always wanted a copy).


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