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Bunch of questions on FreeDos (memory managers) (Users)

posted by Misha(R) E-mail, RU, 27.06.2010, 00:36

Hi People!

First of all, sorry if this is not the right place to write about that.

I have installed Freedos (kernel 2036) on my netbook (Not without troubles i can say).
Of course, first of all I began to launch my favourite games.
So Duke3d (thats my favourite) runs without problems, and thats probably it is something dos4gw, and doesnt need memory managers. Also some very old games like f.e. Tower Toppler ran ok only if i disabled HIMEM driver, otherwise it told me smtng like "Invalid executable format".
The game Tyrian refuse to run at all, giving runtime error :-( . And the game is cool.

About my comp: HP Compaq Mini 311 (Intel 945 mobo, 1 Gb memory )
About dos config: nothing except himem driver.
I use HIMEMX.EXE, and at boot it says "UMB's unavailable" ,
HIMEM.EXE also works but without that message.
MEM.EXE reports me my 1gb free memory. Without himem loaded, it shows that 1Gb is used! Also it doesn't show any video memory, which must be part of system memory (I'm not sure it should thou).

Ok, so what about EMS? I tried emm386.exe, Jemm.exe both and my system just crashes, so i stopped experimenting with that.
I remember, in ms-dos i used qemm.exe with a lot of line parameters.

Playing Duke is not the reason why i decided to go dos, of course :-D
I want to refresh my programming knowledge now, So I need some advice on how to setup DOS properly to use it with openWatcom and write some graphical apps (i don't think i will ever go further 640x480x256 mode). Can someone recommend other DOSes?

PS: I describe my skills like something between user and programmer, so please no too much technical abbreviations.



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