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Quick question about hxdos (DOSX)

posted by ljones(R), 05.07.2010, 00:13

hello all :)

Just been using hxdos ( ) in freedos along with the windows version of qemu (version 0.9.0) . Most things seem to be working well, less a couple of things. I've managed to run an old copy of win95 successfully (though I no longer use windows) and basiclinux, both seem to be a bit slow but usable.

Unfortunatly I'm experiencing a couple of problems however. I've tried my current setup (freedos and hxdos) on 3 systems now. The first problem which seems to affect all machines is the mouse seems to be very stuttery or jerky. Is there any way I can make the mouse pointer move more smoothly?

The second problem is more serious though. The 3 machines I'm using are a AMD Phenom II quad core (4GB Ram, desktop), a Pentium 4 machine (1GB Ram, desktop) and an EEEPC (1GB Ram).

The problem concerns hxdos and the "-full-screen" option. I can get qemu to run, but if I try to use the "-full-screen" option on either of the desktop PCs (the EEE PC works fine) I get this error message;

wsock32: no packet driver found.

dkrnl32: exception C0000005, flags=0 occured at BF:32E901
ax=ADD8ADD8 bx=61D0000 cx=ADD8ADD8 dx=620EC34
si=50D00000 di=2244FB0 bp=322B38 sp=322B24
exception caused by access to memory address ADD8ADDC
ip=Module 'kernel32.dll'+2901
[eip]=8b 40 04 23 c0 75 f1 23 c0 74 21 8b
[esp]=00330a27 00000bf 00003246 00000005 00322928 0032f69e
dkrnl32: fatal exit!
WSAStartup: 0
Could not open 'kqemu' - QEMU acceleration layer not activated: No error


Both desktop PCs give this error if I do something like this;

dpmild32 -g qemu.exe -L . -m 32 -hda hdd -boot c -full-screen

but the EEE PC gives no error at all! Qemu runs ok if I leave off the "-full-screen" option and use the keyboard hotkey to switch to full screen mode after everything has loaded.

I'm using the exact same versions of qemu, hxdos and freedos on all 3 machines.

Does anyone know why full screen wouldn't work (and how to make the mouse smoother?)




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