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Quick question about hxdos (DOSX)

posted by ljones(R), 05.07.2010, 21:29

Well, I have an answer or rather a workaround to this. Sort of - !

Unfortunatly the -no-kqemu option didn't seem to have any effect, and univbe (the last version, 6.7) didn't work either - my graphics card is just too new for univbe.

So I decided to give basiclinux a try which worked even with the "-full-screen" option. Intrestingly it worked without giving me any errors which was intresting. I also noted it starts up in text mode.

After a bit of reading I decided to retry that old win95 install/image I tried and which gave the problems. But I had an idea -- I edited msdos.sys (attrib -r -h -s msdos.sys) so that the options section says:


This disables the startup screen and intrestingly it works! It appears then that there's something between hx, qemu and win95 which some part of it somewhere dosen't like!



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