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Quick question about hxdos (DOSX)

posted by Arjay(R), 05.07.2010, 22:14
(edited by Arjay on 06.07.2010, 16:43)

>> The first problem which seems to affect all machines is the mouse
>> seems to be very stuttery or jerky.
> However, it could be a BIOS bug.
I doubt it is a BIOS bug if it is affecting 3 separate non-identical machines.

> At least my laptop doesn't work with Cutemouse due to that.
I do remember seeing something similar myself with Cutemouse some time ago which I worked around. I think it may have used Cutemouse's /P option to force PS2 mode or /Y or /S - I would give them a try.

> Yes, let those other three cores sleep, they deserve a break. :rotfl:

> > but the EEE PC gives no error at all!
> Hmmmm....
Interesting. From some past low level testing with a borrowed EEE PC I do know that they are fairly strict in some ways, e.g. if you use a bootable disk which is missing the 55AAh signature it is very unlikely to boot on an EEE PC. This is "correct" by the book but also means there are things that EEE PC's won't boot (e.g. some Linux stuff, Flopper's install disk) which will boot fine on other IBM PC clones which don't observe that rule properly. In this instance the EEE PC is "correct" it is just that not everyone else is following observing the same rule.


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