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posted by Arjay(R), 05.07.2010, 23:37
(edited by Arjay on 06.07.2010, 00:06) was the 256 byte (or less) DOS demoscene site which sadly is no longer online (well the site is up but has been taken over by a link spammer). For anyone unfamiliar with the past site, there is a good overview article called 256b intros round-table by Adok/Hugi.

As above the original is no more, fortunately however stored a copy of the main archive ZIP file (archive taken in 2007) this file can be directly downloaded from using this link: (2.3MB). as it was in 2008 can be browsed via this link. is a similar site but covering up to 64k which is still online. It also has an archive containing 64k demos and less which can be downloaded (but it is 275MB).


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