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Small PCX Viewer (Users)

posted by Paul(R), 19.07.2010, 20:03

> I'll give you an example: Years ago I came across an excellent 128 byte
> program for displaying a 320x200 PCX file (this was after I'd coded a
> slightly larger program in TP to do the same). So I already knew when I
> saw this little program that the header for a PCX file was 128 bytes, the
> same length as this program (obviously done on purpose). Like most people
> I suspect who knew this I also immediately realized that the code could be
> easily combined with a 320x200 PCX file to make a self displaying graphics
> file. However when I stepped back I also realized that since the program
> included file handling code that if there was no separate file that the
> file handling code wasn't needed thus a combined file could be smaller.
> That is to say if there was no file then no file handling was required.
> I'm sure the author of the 128 byte program realized this hence 128 bytes
> in size to make that point even though from memory he never actually stated
> it in his source.

Digressing, but I found a PCX viewer that's only 56 bytes! The author also has a PCX-to-EXE utility. Actually quite relevant to this example, anyway.


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