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Dieter R. Pawelczak's website no more? Archive links (Announce)

posted by Arjay(R), 21.07.2010, 01:51

> Had he updated anything? I doubt it.
I don't think so as

> (And yes, I know it's mostly mirrored elsewhere, thankfully.
Good. I have taken a mirror of the ZIP files via (just in case).

> Very very annoying that useful sites disappear.)
Totally agree.

> EDIT: From memory, he had some TP hacks (USB, multitasking), Gareth (old
> game), Pro32 (DOS extender), ProDebug (other name?), PASS32 (MMX
> assembler/linker), DPAS (Pascal subset compiler),
Yup that's basically it. The archive link allows pretty much everything you've mentioned to be downloaded with the exception of Gareth which was hosted on Geocities as follows:

Unfortunately that geocities page/ isn't on Reocities. That page is available on here HOWEVER again without!

Fortunately I spotted another version is also available via reocities here: download link (via reocities)
gareth.doc download link (via reocities)

Land of Gareth: English (via reocities)
Land of Gareth: German (via reocities)

It is also worth noting that there are a number of other files available on this alternative Geocities page (which appears to be an even earlier version of his newer BTTR linked to website). So I would recommend checking this link: e.g. There is another TP library "" / more TP Parallel programming information which is available via the reocities link but not


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