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Problem using dos-app under WinXP (DOSX)

posted by Willie, Netherlands, 28.09.2007, 10:28

Hello people,

I have problem and I hope someone has suggestions to help me.

We have a program written in Pascal 7 which uses protected mode (rtm.exe and dpmi16BI.ovl). This program uses an isa card with dos-drivers. Software is a windows-like application (menu's, windows with mouse, etc). But it is a 16-bit DOS application.
Now the ISA-card is unsupported and only windows drivers are available for newer PCI-cards (or other cards).

Without the isa-card, the software runs under windows XP (in the XP DOS-box).
And I found a way to call 32-bits dll's in windows, so using the software with the newer card and newer drivers shouldn't be a problem. BUT:
This cannot be done, because the kernel functions to use the 32-bits dll's conflict with rtm.exe.

Can I get rid of the rtm.exe with HX and does that solve my problem? And how do I do that? I have all the source code for the application.




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