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DOS Filenames (Users)

posted by w3a537(R) E-mail, Colorado Springs CO USA, 27.07.2010, 07:03

I am newly registered on this forum. Thank you.

I want to add my comments about DOS filenames.

Reference this post ...


When the intention is to use a file or distriubition of files,
ie. a ZIP FILE, in a RAW DOS environment, all files should obey
the DOS 8.3 naming specification especially when they are being

If you make a ZIP inside a WIN environment "excessive" names are
possible and should be avoided.

Only one "dot". Only 8 permissable characters to the left. For
example "+" is not permitted. Only 3 permissable to the right.

Please, no long filenames. This may cause another persion a big

My personal preference is no "dot" extension in directory names.

And my main pet peeve is the following ...

Reference ...

Please observe it's directory depth limitation of "8". Even on a simple
FAT32 drive.

Some unzippers might not work if > 8 and inside a RAW DOS environment.

Or to delete the files.

I had to format a whole USB stick once because I was unable to delete a directory structure with a DEPTH OF 11.

Please keep the destination user/environment in mind.

Steve Broshears ...


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