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fixing p7zip 4.65 to make .ZIP use DOS, not Unix, as host OS (Announce)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 27.07.2010, 07:23

> fc /b old7za.exe 7za.exe
> Comparing files old7za.exe and 7ZA.EXE
> 0004C66B: 03 00
> 0004C679: 03 00
> [/code]
> No guarantees (and I highly doubt it) that it matches your binary's
> offsets. But just FYI! If you really want, I'll upload a p7zip 4.65 build
> for you (is -mtune=i686 -Os okay or what would you prefer??). I could also
> (weakly) try again for 9.13 is you want. I can do all that later tonight.

FIXED!! At least, for me, no recompile was necessary based on the tip, I found the offending 0x03 bytes at offset 0x004c7a7 and 0x004c7cc in my P7ZIP.EXE binary. Saved the time of a recompile, Thanks!


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