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DOS Filenames | NTLFN crap (Users)

posted by DOS386(R), 28.07.2010, 03:41

> I am newly registered on this forum.

Welcome :-)

> I want to add my comments about DOS filenames.
> When the intention is to use a file or distriubition of files,
> ie. a ZIP FILE, in a RAW DOS environment, all files should obey the
> DOS 8.3 naming specification especially when they are being distributed.

Right. Anyone cares except me ???

> Please, no long filenames. This may cause another persion a big headache.

This shows that "DOS" stuff was not compiled on DOS and most likely not tested either, and might not work well or at all.

> My personal preference is no "dot" extension in directory names.

Right. :-) Then you might appreciate new new spec prohibiting extensions for directories :-)

> Please observe it's directory depth limitation of "8". Even on a simple FAT32


> Some unzippers might not work if > 8 and inside a RAW DOS environment.

Directory depth + path length limit is an "interesting problem" occasionally causing "interesting trouble" (reportedly NOT fixed on Wista :clap: ). There is a long rationale about it in my new (unfinished) spec.

> I had to format a whole USB stick once because I was unable to delete a
> directory structure with a DEPTH OF 11.

WtF ??? Maybe reducing the name length would help.

Rugxulo wrote:

> BTW, you don't have to stick to 8.3 if your compressor can handle LFNs.

Funny :confused: Why the bloat ??? Why not brew DOS package on DOS ???

> Most unpackers should unpack them to 8.3.

Bad hack.

> It's just more important to keep the first 8.3 distinct to avoid clashes.


Result: extracted 1'319 from 1'514 files, 195 lost :-(

bretjohn wrote:

> I see Rugxulo's comment below about some DOS programs not
> working with 8.3 directory names, but those are buggy programs

NOT if you document your deprecation of directory extensions ;-)

> not a limitation of DOS.
> All DOS programs are _supposed_ to be able to
> understand 8.3 directory names.

Design fault.

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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