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DOS Filenames (Users)

posted by w3a537(R) E-mail, Colorado Springs CO USA, 28.07.2010, 06:07

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> >
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> > Please observe it's directory depth limitation of "8". Even on a simple
> > FAT32 drive.
> This is interesting, since this is even more restrictive than DOS file
> naming conventions. This says that file names can only have upper-case
> letters, numbers, and underscores. There are quite a few more "legal"
> characters than those that can be used in a DOS file name.

To be "extremely" compatible and not cause anyone anywhere a problem YES.
I think though that things like "$" and "&" are permitted.

> This also says that directory names must never use dots (and thus are
> limited to 8 characters), also more restrictive than DOS (and not simply a
> "preference"). I see Rugxulo's comment below about some DOS programs not
> working with 8.3 directory names, but those are buggy programs, not a
> limitation of DOS. All DOS programs are _supposed_ to be able to
> understand 8.3 directory names.

This is just my preference. Dots work just fine.

> In addition, DOS is not limited to 8 levels of sub-directories. The limit
> in DOS is that the path name to a file can be no longer than 64 characters.
> In some cases this is less than 8 levels, and in other cases more.

Well, you HAVE TO be able to WORK WITH the files. You must be able to
unzip them or you cannot use them. Unzipping them is up to the ZIP program
the downloader uses, possibly complicated by the ZIP program used to
create the archive.

And you will likely want to purge them. This is up to DOS and the purge program you might have. If you create an not-really-too-compatible ZIP
archive inside WIN, then a user running RAW DOS could easily have a problem.

The bottom line is to be careful and not cause someone else a problem.
Stated another way, be cautious and give the end user a better chance.

I had a major problem one time like I said, and my RAW DOS 8.00 wasn't
able to purge the thing. Luckily it was the only thing on the D: hard
disk and I used copy and formAT to work afround.

> So ...
> Are you recommending that only ISO 9660 Level 1 compatible file names be
> used, or DOS 8.3 compatible file names?

See above.

Thank you. Steve ...


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