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DOS Filenames for Steve (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 31.07.2010, 13:13

> > Or aren't we always busy with other projects?
> Face it: we are permanently busy with tuning our loved Windaube's and
> testing DOS stuff compatibility with everything non-DOS around :-\

What's wrong with compatibility? If you want to be pure DOS only (e.g. VCPI), you'll get lots less users. Besides, duh, DOS has no (native) networking or multitasking, which can on rare occasion actually be useful! ;-) It's also not our fault that perfectly good DOS software won't work on modern hardware (ahem, non-SB soundcards), so emulation is the only way to truly get it working.

> > Another incedent with FreeDos ... I uncovered a PROBLEM a few years back
> ...
> Without kernel version this is NOT a valid BUG report.

Correct, but personally I've never used LS-120 (or really even know what it is, "removable SCSI storage"??). I assume the same is true of most FreeDOS peeps.

Know your limits.h


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