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DOS Filenames (Users)

posted by Khusraw(R) E-mail, Bucharest, Romania, 31.07.2010, 13:39

> That's not true, that's a bit of an overgeneralization. I mean, I don't
> know what you experienced, and I'm not defending everything under the sun,
> just saying ... many FreeDOS contributors have been extremely polite and
> helpful to me. In fact, I can't think of anything that offended me so
> horribly. To be honest, I almost (but not really) would prefer that
> specific people were called out on this rather than FreeDOS as a whole. But
> that's heavily counter-productive too. (Please don't, it's just my lame
> instinct.) Nobody's perfect. Volunteers welcome! GPL! Fork it! Hack it! Fix
> it! Play with it! Share it! ;-)

I don't see how I "overgeneralized" as long as I used the word "some". I didn't refer to my experience, I have preferred to avoid the possibility of such experiences, but it would be enough for you to read more or less recent posts on their mailing list in order to better understand what I meant. I obviously prefer to avoid giving any name (would make any sense?), and I am glad to know that you have had the chance for a good (and I hope fruitful) experience with many FreeDOS contributors. In the end you care about the project and you are emotionally involved in it, whilst I don't do either, and I don't have any need of FreeDOS.


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