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DOS Filenames for Steve (Users)

posted by w3a537(R) E-mail, Colorado Springs CO USA, 01.08.2010, 00:55

> Correct, but personally I've never used LS-120 (or really even know
> what it is, "removable SCSI storage"??).

LS-120 is a 120-MB optical disk shaped and sized like a floppy.
The drives themselves are either ATAPI or USB.
They are still available on EBay.

They are still supported natively on a lot of BIOSes and MS
versions of DOS and Windows up to and including Seven.

If you have one it's nice if it doesn't case problems.

> I assume the same is true of most FreeDOS peeps.

Thus on a scale of ONE to a THOUSAND FreeDOS and ED-DOS
would get a few less compatibility points.


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