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DW Jukebox: DOS sound card compatibility list / gamelauncher (Announce)

posted by Arjay(R), 10.08.2010, 12:43
(edited by Arjay on 10.08.2010, 13:41)

See also Chris (aka Celamantia)'s DOSCab: Sound card compatibility list + personal MAME site.

Chris's personal site links to the project homepage of Dave Dribin's Game Launcher for DOS and Windows which is written in GPL'd NASM DJGPP (/ MinGW+Cygwin) but is now officially listed as "inactive" by the Dave on his homepage above. Game Launcher's page on sourceforge is:

Someone else may be interested in taking it on or reusing it so here are some direct Sourceforge download links for anyone interested: - Game Launcher: DOS binaries - Game Launcher: DOS/Windows source - Game Launcher: Windows binaries

See also: which is still active.


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