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Don't do this!!! 32bit pointers, GPFs and real mode (Developers)

posted by DOSferatu(R), minneapolis, mn usa, 27.08.2010, 19:27

> Removing 64 KiB segment limit needs at least 80386, sorry (so does GS).

that's ok. this code is only used on pentium class machines.

> What does the code do ? To remove the 64 KiB segment limit, you MUST

it's an internal program for my work, so it is in a very controlled environment. You will never run this code. :-P

It may be used on a variety of motherboards, but I know that they are all new machines.

> Also ASS'uming "code
> 100% done" and then finding a horrible bug needing to rewrite 99% of the
> code to fix it is a "known issue". :-(

meh. I'll just add the unreal mode tweak to the start of my code-it's not that big of a deal.

I've always equated unreal mode to access above 1mb in my mind, and since I didn't really need the memory, I didn't really want to touch the CPU state either. I just wanted to do simple addressing without god awful segments that are too tiny.

The compatibility issue that I'm worried about is that it seems that a "dos boot disk" as prepared by later versions of windows, boots into some sort of emm386-like mode where the switch to unreal mode fails because the CPU has already been set in some mode that breaks my "switch to unreal" code. I've never really investigated what that problem is, but maybe adding some "switch from pmode to real mode" before switching to unreal mode might fix it.

> P.S. what about the updated sound stuff ? I never got any mail except one
> with very little text and no attach.

it may be gone. One week ago today I suffered a HDD+motherboard+power supply failure and lost everything. I have backups of all my good stuff, but I suspect that that update might have been tucked away in an unbacked up folder since it was just to test. IIRC, it was an easy change to make (just the device+vendor ID) so I can do it again once I get a new machine.


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