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Sound card for MS-Dos 6.xx (Users)

posted by kithylin(R), 08.09.2010, 01:41

Hello there! I'm working on a little project at home, setting up a seperete computer i have as a ms-dos only machine, with windows 3.11 for networking and transferring files into the thing, then running stuff in real ms-dos mode like games and some older programs, just for fun for me.

That aside, i need to figure out a PCI-based sound card that's either an actual SoundBlaster or just in general any PCI-based sound card that will work as Sound-Blaster 16 compatable in ms-dos.

I have looked around ebay some, but i'm worried that most of the cards on there, even if PCI and < $5, most likely will be Win9x or higher only.

Sadly, i do have an original Sound Blaster AWE64 but the board i have is pci-only. If i'm unable to locate a PCI solution i may just look at finding a cheap 486 or early-pentium board on ebay and try to build one of those for dos, something to use my AWE64 and Eitherlink-III cards.

Has anyone else done anything like this in the past 5 years or so and can suggest a pci sound card?

I'm pretty resourceful at locating drivers for things, driverguide, googling, etc, so that shouldn't be too difficult if it was a somewhat main-stream brand that made the thing.

Lemme know... i'm gonna peek around ebay at old parts for a bit for a 486-ish option.


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