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NASM versions 2.09.01, 2.09.02 available (Announce)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 19.09.2010, 13:01

The NASM developers have released NASM versions 2.09.01 and 2.09.02.

Home page:

Changes in 2.09.02, 2010-09-17:
? Fix reversed tokens when %deftok produces more than one output token. (*)
? Fix segmentation fault on disassembling some VEX instructions.
? Missing %endif did not always cause error. (*)
? Fix typo in documentation.
? Compound context local preprocessor single line macro identifiers were not expanded early enough and as result lead to unresolved symbols.

Changes in 2.09.01, 2010-09-07:
? Fix NULL dereference on missed %deftok second parameter. (*)
? Fix NULL dereference on invalid %substr parameters.

(*) Bug reported by me.



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