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UIDE and AHCI support (Miscellaneous)

posted by yuhongbao(R), 04.10.2010, 03:51

> I would rather NOT "play games" with BIOS settings. If a power-failure
> occurs, or if the user presses the system-RESET button (on those systems
> that still HAVE one!), the system may or may-NOT revert back to enabling
> AHCI. BIOS code is not "C" and thus is regarded by Taiwanese mainboard
> vendors as work fit only for "trainees", which is why many BIOS programs
> "SUCK, BIG-Time!", as we say.
> What you ask for ALSO entails "trapping" a system reboot, which is NOT a
> universally-supported nor "guaranteed" function. If the DOS system has
> suffered an actual POWER-failure and has TOO MUCH such work to do during
> a reboot, it may or may-NOT end up DEADDD (no power LEFT!) before it can
> GET to such AHCI re-enabling logic. I don't recommend "Uninterruptable
> Power Supplies" (UPS boxes) either, as I've owned several in prior years
> and know most ARE NOT "uninterruptible" beyond one good "lightning bolt"
> or one good housewife turning on a washing-machine (can cause up to 600-
> volt "spikes" on home wiring!).
> Whether due to power-failure or a reset, users could be ANGRY with me or
> UIDE for having played such "games", and as I do not like angry E-Mails,
> UIDE shall NEVER "mess with" AHCI nor any other BIOS settings!!

I agree that playing such games is EXTREMELY silly. IMO best to do the right thing and actually add proper AHCI support!


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