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Running the Perforce client with HX? (wsock32 fatal error) (DOSX)

posted by myrkraverk(R), 05.11.2010, 17:32

> > Is there a way to find out what this is and fix it?
> The simplest approach is to use a debug version of wsock32.dll. It may give
> an idea at what socket call the problem arises. However, there's no debug
> version shipped with the package, I'd have to upload one onto

I'm game if you are.

> Another approach is to use a debugger. Even FD DebugX will be able to stop
> at the exception if certain conditions are met.

A naive attempt doesn't get me anywhere:

HXLdr32 version 1.12
Copyright (C) Japheth 2004-2009
HXLdr32 already installed
C:\download>debug p4.exe -p
This program cannot be run in DOS mode.
Program terminated normally.

I'll try to work on a non-naive attempt later.



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