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exFAT == less than ideal (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 10.11.2010, 14:12

> What is the feasibility of adding
> exFAT support to FreeDOS?

Not good, esp. because

1). there are very few kernel developers active (jeremy? bart?)
2). even then, they'd need decent expertise and testing, which has often been lacking, which is why even the FAT32 support only handles max. 2 GB for a single file
3). most importantly, due to same lame reasons as VFAT (LFN), it's patented, which is pretty much a killer against implementing it

But there was some third-party hack, that sorta kinda worked (though I didn't test it), that somebody posted here a while back. You could search for it.

The real question is why you would want it. Obvious answers would be better speed, native LFN support, or bigger files. At one time I thought HPFS (popular on OS/2) would be a fairly decent choice (and finally patent expired), but ext2 is more popular and common (and LTOOLS covers that niche anyways).

EDR-DOS supports FAT+ hacks, which extends beyond silly FAT max. size ranges, so if that floats your boat, you could try that.


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