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exFAT (Miscellaneous)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 10.11.2010, 14:44

> > What is the feasibility of adding
> > exFAT support to
> FreeDOS?

From technical point of view it is feasible. We have even NTFS drivers for DOS and exFAT is much simplier so it could work fairly good in DOS. The main limitation is the consumption of DOS memory - maybe it could entire work in real memory maybe some data would be in extended memory (it could bring some limitations and incompatibilities) but it is possible.

Certain problems could occur which files bigger than 4GB. It would most probably need some patching in DOS kernel because I think only 32-bit counters are used for files. (simple solution fould be, of course, don't support such files)
Another possible problem is nonexistence of compatility layer for 8.3 format which is used in legacy DOS functions. There is no standard how to translate LFNs into short 8.3 form.

Somebody on this list (I think Khursaw) wrote a very minimal exFAT reader for DOS which could be used as a base for driver.

However, as Rugxulo says, the very serious problem is the necesary manpower for it. DOS community is small and difficulty for such task is big.

The patents is not problem at all. But I agree it is a solid excuse and alibism. Software patents were ignored always (remember f.e. GIF patent) and shit happens.



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