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ML1 compiler is different to ML/1 (Macro Language/One) (Miscellaneous)

posted by Arjay(R), 03.12.2010, 20:44

Ok I've heard back from Bob. Firstly my apologies to Bob as I hadn't picked up that there was some confusion already on this thread between the ML/1 (Macro Language/One) and the ML1 compiler which existed at

Bob has advised that they are entirely completely different things

Bob only maintains the official ML/1 (Macro Language/One) website which can be found at

Archives of the (off-line at the time of writing) can be accessed via the following link:*/

Sadly however it doesn't appear (from a very quick check) that any of the files are downloadable via's caches. Worth checking further.

As above I would recommend checking out Bob's excellent TAVI website: (Bob's PS/2 + DOS pages)


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